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-The easiest way to start your own project is to use the tutorials project downloaded ​in [[en:​guides:​beginners:​downloading_orx|Part 1]]. We will change this as a basis for our own game.+The easiest way to start your own project is to use the ''​init''​ script that is provided ​in the root of the Orx repository.
 +A lot of effort has gone into ensuring that creating an Orx based project is as simple as possible for all developers from beginners to experienced programmers.
-Open the solution by clicking on the Tutorial.sln file located in the build/​windows/​vs2015 folder.+Follow this basic guide to create a project for Orx: [[en:​tutorials:​creating_your_own_project|Creating your own Orx-based Project using '​init'​]]Once done, head on back here.
-{{:​guides:​beginners:​beginners-01-click-solution.png?​nolink}}+Now that's done, you'll notice a ''​build''​ folder. This folder contains all supported IDEs, (and gmake) for your Operating System.
-{{:​guides:​beginners:​beginners-02-solution.png?​nolink|}}+Open the project of your choice and compile. Be sure to choose the desired Build Configuration,​ and either the 32-bit or 64-bit CPU to build for
-Remove all the projects in the Solution Explorer, except for the 01_Object project. We will re-use this one. This will be our single game project.+Once compiled, run the program and you'll see the default Orx logo and sound effect:
-{{:guides:beginners:beginners-03-remove-projects.png?nolink|}}+{{ :en:orx:mac:run-mac-game-template.jpg |}}
-{{:​guides:​beginners:​beginners-04-confirm-remove-projects.png?​nolink|}} +Excellent. We have a working solution.
- +
-If want to use c++, rename the source file from 01_Object.c to 01_Object.cpp as c++. This guide will assume you are working in c++. +
- +
-{{:​guides:​beginners:​beginners-05-c-to-cpp.png?​nolink|}} +
- +
-Remove all the source files from the src/ folder except for our 01_Object.cpp file: +
- +
-{{:​guides:​beginners:​beginners-06-remove-other-source-files.png?​nolink|}} +
- +
-In the same way remove everything in the bin folder except for the 01_Object.ini and the *.dll files. We only need the one ini file for our project. +
- +
-<WRAP center round info 60%> +
-A post-build step is included in your "​Project"​ project that will copy over a new version of Orx from your local version of Orx every time you build. As we do not have a local version of Orx, and we want to simply keep using the same version of the Orx library that is packaged with the tutorial solution, you can simply stop this step by: +
- +
-Project (properties) / Build Events / Post-Build Event / Use In Build: No +
- +
-There is no problem if you do not follow this step, but it will remove an annoying warning every time you compile.  +
-</​WRAP>​ +
- +
- +
-Press F6 to build the project and then run it to check that you receive the following window with an object in the centre: +
- +
-{{:​guides:​beginners:​beginners-07-default-object.png?​nolink|}} +
- +
-Excellent. We have a working solution. If you don't like the 01_Object project name, [[en:​guides:​beginners:​renaming_a_project|continue here to learn how to rename it]]. Otherwise feel free to continue on as it is. +
- +
-You can save the current solution as a template for other projects you might like to work on. +
- +
-Just to make things easier for you, also consider adding Project.ini as an existing file into your project so you can conveniently make changes throughout this guide.+
 ---- ----
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